Some 91% of law firm bonus schemes have remained unchanged over the last 12 months, but personal injury firms are expected to buck this trend by reducing bonuses next year, a survey of 400 regional law firms by recruitment consultancy BCL Legal has found.

Other key findings include that 87% of the firms have left their benefits packages unaltered, 40% provide private medical insurance, and 52% offer pension contribution schemes. Some 92% did not provide an income protection scheme.

BCL Legal director Vicky Clark said: ‘Some of the statistics are surprising as we would have expected more firms to have cut back on the benefits and bonuses they offer.

‘I suspect a number of personal injury firms will be considering their bonus schemes in the light of impending changes next year.

'Overall the survey shows that most firms see employees as long term assets and regard bonuses and benefits as a boost to morale and productivity.’

Around 100 firms with two or more partners from the north-west, Yorkshire, south-west, north-east and West Midlands were surveyed.