Lawyers working from home are working longer hours but enjoying a better work/life balance, according to latest research on working arrangements.

Two-thirds of 154 lawyers who responded to legal technology provider Clio’s survey said they found themselves working longer hours due to flexible working and working from home. Two-thirds of respondents also said their work-life balance has improved since the end of lockdown.

Clio said the findings reinforced the results of its 2022 legal trends report, where 86% of lawyers said they worked outside the 9-5 working day, 74% worked ‘after hours' and 69% spoke to clients on weekends.

Sarah Murphy, general manager at Clio EMEA, said: ‘While it’s great news that legal professionals have more flexibility in their working arrangements, it’s essential that they maintain a positive work-life balance. Overworking is still overworking, even if you’re at home and have flexible hours.’

The survey also found that amid a looming recession and rising inflation, 64% of firms will raise their fees this year. Almost all firms expect technology to play a key role in remaining profitable – however price, training expectations and time were cited as the biggest barriers.


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