I am struck by the number of letters that you have published recently from various senior officials from the Legal Services Commission attempting to justify their destruction of the legal aid scheme.

Presumably they are desperately trying at this late stage to persuade members of the profession that the scheme has a viable future. Writing in a personal capacity, they should not waste their limited budget in this way.

It is clear, and has been for some time, that:

1) There is no future in legal aid;

2) ln particular, no young entrant to the profession should consider legal aid as a viable future career; and

3) Anyone who has the misfortune to have a legal aid caseload should reduce their exposure to it as soon as possible.

Baroness Hale made similar points with more eloquence in her recent speech to the House of Lords.

I write as someone who used to be very committed to the legal aid scheme. I finished my last legally aided case about two years ago. I have never been happier!

DS Johnston, Stockport