Nine legal-related bodies are among the 177 quangos set to be axed by the coalition government, according to a leaked report obtained by the Telegraph.

The nine bodies are: the Legal Services Commission; the Legal Services Ombudsman; the Legal Deposit Advisory Committee; the Magistrates Court Rule Committee; the Crown Court Rule Committee; the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council; the Court Boards; HM Inspectorate of Court Administration and the Public Guardian Board.

A further eight legal services quangos face merger or consolidation, including the Crown Prosecution Service, Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office and the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

The UK Supreme Court, Law Commission of England & Wales, Equality and Human Rights Commission and Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) are among the 13 bodies still under review.

Some 16 quangos are to be retained, including the Legal Services Board, Tribunals Service, the Sentencing Council, the Office for Legal Complaints and the Judicial Appointments Commission.

A new Legal Ombudsman (LeO) will replace the Legal Services Ombudsman and the Legal Complaints Service in October.

Plans were announced earlier this year for the LSC to become an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice.