A litigant who alleges that at least 10 judges are paedophiles and murderers – as well as making a host of other allegations against the police, politicians and the Royal Family – has been handed a third civil restraint order.

Mr Justice Pepperall granted a fresh two-year order against Andrew Wardle to protect his former employers from ‘vexatious proceedings and to protect the finite resources of the court from vexatious waste’.

The court heard that Wardle’s litigation history had begun with a discrimination claim, which was struck out. An application to join the local chief constable also thrown out, but Wardle continued to pursue allegations his former employers and the police.

After his second civil restraint order in 2019, Wardle created a website entitled ’Judicial Paedos’ and made serious allegations of paedophilia and corruption by a number of judges at all levels. He claimed that circuit judges had been bribed by senior police officers to protect the true killer in the Soham murders. Further allegations of corruption were made against lawyers and court staff, and he continued to make accusations against former colleagues.

Pepperall J opted not to name any of the employees, police officers, judges, politicians, court staff or members of the Royal Family against whom allegations were made ‘without presenting a shred of evidence in support’.

The judge found that Wardle, if correct, would be on the verge of exposing the most extraordinary and serious evidence of corruption and criminality to have ever rocked the British establishment. He described this idea as ‘absurdly far-fetched’ and said Wardle’s actions over the past two years showed he remained fixated on his perceived injustices and had now drawn the ‘most preposterous conclusion that anyone with whom he comes into conflict is a serious criminal, paedophile and murderer’.