Lord Temple-Morris to be lobbyist for UK/US firm

CONSULTANT: solicitor will focus on commercial business

Transatlantic practice ShawnCoulson - which includes London firm Moon Beever - has recruited solicitor peer Peter Temple-Morris to give its new government and lobbying group in London a kick-start.Lord Temple-Morris, who was a barrister before requalifying as a solicitor, will act as a consultant for the lobbying practice, which reflects the alliance's Washington office, where former Texan Congressman Ronald Coleman directs the US lobbying outfit.Lord Temple-Morris was a member of parliament for 27 years - first a Tory, he became an independent MP in 1997 before joining Labour in 1998 - and has sat on numerous House of Commons foreign affairs committees.

He was ennobled just before the election.Moon Beever managing partner Frances Coulson, who is co-managing partner of ShawnCoulson, said the alliance wanted to increase its co-ordination of European lobbying.She said: 'We already have personnel lobbying in Brussels, Italy and Greece, so we are looking to expand our lobbying presence and make our clients aware of the possibilities for using the service across jurisdictions.'She said Lord Temple-Morris had already been instrumental in unblocking obstacles to business, and he would work with the firm on its commercial business and more specific industry sector issues.Jeremy Fleming