Only a fraction of students enrolled on legal practice courses are obtaining training contracts, according to university records released under freedom of information requests.

Liverpool John Moores University reported that 10 of its 38 LPC students (26%) have so far obtained training contracts for 2011/12.

Bournemouth University reported that six out of 30 2012/13 students (20%) had training contracts by August 2013, up from five out of 30 in August 2012.

Of the 36 students enrolled at the University of Central Lancashire in 2011/12, the university said it was aware of 13 (36%) having obtained legal graduate-level jobs, including training contracts, six months after completing the course.

The number of students who secured training contracts at the start of their LPC course also remains low.

Of the 78 enrolled at Oxford Brookes University in 2012/13, 14% had a training contract in place before starting their course – down from 25% of the 102 enrolled in 2011/12.

Some 21% of the 76 enrolled at Cardiff University in 2012/13 had secured training contracts, down from 25% of the 89 in 2011/12.

Just two students out of 33 at Birmingham City University had training contracts in place for 2012/13, an increase from no students in 2011/12.

Heather Iqbal-Rayner (pictured), outgoing chair of the Junior Lawyers Division, said: ‘We have been warning for some time that the number of LPC students who actually obtain training contracts is very low.’