Stress and depression accounted for half of all calls to a charity offering support and advice to lawyers in 2015. 

There were 907 calls to LawCare’s helpline last year, made by 496 people, an increase on the 473 people who called in 2014.

As in 2014, by far the most common issue callers reported was workplace stress, at 30% of calls. This was followed by depression (20%), disciplinary issues (12%), financial problems (5%) and alcohol (4%).

Other problems cited included ethical issues, bullying or harassment, gambling addiction, career development problems and relationship issues.

Two out of three callers were women, as in 2014, while nearly four out of ten were trainees or qualified for five years or less.

Some 57% of callers were solicitors in England and Wales.

Last year the Law Society’s PC Holder survey reported that nearly one-fifth (19%) of respondents suffered ‘severe’ or ‘extreme’ stress in 2014, up from 16% in 2013.