Born in London and raised in Cornwall, Liz Bramwell qualified as a barrister in 1971 and in her professional life became a director of the law publisher Sweet & Maxwell and then editor of The Law Society’s Gazette.

She contributed hugely to the Gazette after it converted from a monthly to a weekly in the 1970s, probably the most significant development in its history. Perhaps equally importantly, the Gazette’s parties during her tenure attained a legendary status.

Subsequently, Liz was a director of Longman Law, Tax and Finance; a managing director of Kluwer Law UK; director of The Police Review; a senior officer at the Copyright Licensing Agency; and, finally, chief executive of the Forum of Insurance Lawyers.

Mrs E. A. O. (‘Liz’) Bramwell: 1948-2015; editor, Law Society’s Gazette 1980-1986

She died peacefully in her beloved home in Cornwall after an eight-year battle against cancer. To the last she remained the sharpest of minds and was able to maintain her love of opera.