Listed financial advice firm Frenkel Topping has announced a new joint venture with long-established personal injury practice Pattinson Brewer.

The firms will form a separate 50:50 business under the trading name Pattinson & Brewer Financial Services with the aim of providing legal and financial advice to clients after injury.

The arrangement is the latest joint venture with an existing law firm in the PI and clinical negligence sectors. The new business will mean Frenkel Topping will become Pattinson Brewer’s preferred partner for clients who require investment advice post-settlement, and will extend the law firm’s service offer for those with the most complex needs.

Richard Fraser, chief executive of Frenkel Topping, said: ‘These partnerships expand our significant network of new business referrers and demonstrates our commitment to innovate and enhance our services, which ultimately will support our objective to increase shareholder value.’

Pattinson Brewer was established in 1890 and has offices in London, York and Bristol. It was born out of the trade union movement and still lists some of the country’s biggest trade unions among its clients.

Frenkel Topping has gradually been extending its reach in the last two years after launching an accountancy arm, Equatas, in 2019. Last year the group acquired accountancy business Forth Associates and earlier this year purchases costs specialist A & M Bacon Limited. But takeover talks with claims handler National Accident Helpline collapsed in January after Frenkel Topping identified ‘certain commercial and integration challenges’.

The share price has grown steadily this year since dipping to 41p a share last December. The price rose 2.1% today to 71.5p following the Pattinson Brewer announcement.