Personal injury lawyers say they have secured the largest ever annual periodical payments for a client severely injured in a road collision.

The claimant, known as JF, will receive a lump sum of £6m and annual payments of £1.1m. His representatives, PI specialist Stewarts, said this is the largest periodical payment agreed in England and Wales, with a total settlement figure in excess of £30m.

The funds will allow JF to have two 24-hour carers, including a trained nurse, for the rest of his life, and to live in his own home rather than being taken into care.

His litigation friend said: ‘The settlement achieved will secure my brother’s future and give him the stability and quality of life that he deserves. Being able to move safely into his own home was a monumental achievement and has made the world of difference to my brother. He is once again able to make choices about his own environment and activities, something he was fiercely proud of before the injury.’

JF, then 33 and living in his own flat, was cycling to his work at a supermarket in 2018 when he was knocked off his bike by a stolen vehicle being driven on the wrong side of the road. His injuries were devastating: he suffered a cardiac arrest at the scene and was later diagnosed with a form of cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs. He continues to be fitted with a tracheostomy and feeding tube and needs full support with mobility and incontinence.

Stewarts secured funds to allow his transfer to the Wellington specialist neuro rehabilitation hospital in London and JF was then able to move into his rental property last April. His family claimed for a large capital sum to allow him to buy his own accommodation rather than rent and be exposed to any instability.

Experts on both sides agreed that JF required round-the-clock care but differed on the need for a trained nurse and on his life expectancy.

After several rounds of negotiations over less than two months, a settlement agreement was outlined in January and the court approved the figures earlier this month.

Stewarts lauded the dedication of JF’s family and the patient case management of Nicola Ewell of Tania Brown and also praised defence lawyers. ‘The cooperative approach adopted by the defendant team at Horwich Farrelly was also key to this outcome,’ said Stewarts. ‘Inevitably there were disagreements in relation to some of the key questions in the case, but their approach ensured they were resolved more easily and quickly than would otherwise have been the case.’

The Stewarts legal team was led by partner Ben Townsend, with Gerard McDermott KC and Will Young (both of Outer Temple Chambers).