Sales cycles of IT products to law firms have shortened noticeably this year, according to a Law Society-backed report showing the scale of the booming ‘lawtech’ sector. The Global Legal Tech Report is based on responses from 61 suppliers: all but two are privately owned companies and 50 were founded in the past decade.

Law Society president David Greene said the sector is ‘strong and growing exponentially’.


Lawtech sector is ‘strong and growing exponentially’

In a foreword to the report, Matt Pennington, chair of the UK Legal Technology Association, said that one lesson of the pandemic is that technology can be implemented rapidly: ‘It’s possible to pilot tech solutions and try out new approaches without first trying to identify every possible outcome and mitigate every possible risk.’

Meanwhile, the Society has published a guide for non-lawyers setting up lawtech businesses. ‘There is significant opportunity in this field and we encourage entrepreneurs to establish their start-ups in England and Wales using our guide,’ Greene said. ‘The pandemic has proved that necessity is the mother of invention and lawtech and tech have played a vital part in keeping the legal profession moving.’