I am an atheist who is married to a Christian and who is the father of another Christian.

While I do not share their faith, I respect it.

With respect to Ian Newman (letters, 19 May), I do not recognise the ‘aggressive secularism’ of which he complains.

There are some, it is true, who would seek to challenge religion – Richard Dawkins is an example.

He, of course, makes a great deal of money out of promulgating his views but he comes across as a fundamentalist and few would agree with his position.

There are also religious extremists, so it is a bit disingenuous for Mr Newman to complain about aggressive atheism.

Faith occupies a position of privilege in our society and people should be allowed to practise their religion so far as doing so is consistent with their duties and obligations as a citizen.

Faith groups continue to make a significant contribution to our society.

However, I wish religious people would show the same tolerance of my lack of faith.

If anyone says something that is perceived to insult a particular religion there are howls of protest.

Yet it seems people of faith can say what they like about atheism.

Howard Shelley, QualitySolicitors CMHT, Walsall