Scottish solicitors can now register as ‘gender neutral’ after the Law Society of Scotland extended title options in the registration process to include ‘Mx’.

‘Mx’ is one of 27 titles that solicitors can select when they register with the Society to renew their practising certificates. It is not available in England and Wales.

The decision was made following a request from a member who has now taken up the option. Research was also carried out among the Society’s transgender members, some of whom identified neither as male nor female.

Neil Stevenson, director of representation and support, said the term ‘Mx’ was growing in use as a gender neutral title, and is widely accepted by government and other organisations in the UK. ‘So it’s right that we update the Society’s registration processes to make sure that this option is available,’ he said.

The move brings the Society into line with bodies such as HM Revenue & Customs, the Department for Work and Pensions, the NHS, HSBC, Royal Mail and Network Rail.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority declined to say whether solicitors in England and Wales might be offered the same option. It is reviewing its renewal procedures as part of its 2014/15 business plan, which will involve ’extensive consultation’ with the profession.

SRA executive director Richard Collins said: ‘If this is an idea that is brought forward from that consultation, we will of course consider it.’