The American Bar Association, which describes itself as the largest voluntary association of lawyers in the world, said today that the verdict in the George Floyd murder trial has brought 'some justice' but that reforms in the US justice system are necessary.  

 In a statement, association president Patricia Lee Refo said that the hugely publicised trial would not bring a solution to 'systemic inequities in our justice system'.

'A verdict may bring some justice, but it does not return George Floyd to his family. While we have made great progress, the nation still must address the injustices, violence and racism that exist in our legal system that disproportionately and negatively affect people of colour,' Refo said. 'The ABA also believes that reforms are necessary to restore public trust in our system and ensure all people feel they are being treated fairly and with respect. The ABA will continue to stand for the rule of law and the principles of equality as we expand our efforts to build a more perfect justice system.'

In the UK, David Lammy MP,  shadow justice secretary, commented: ’No judgement can ever make up for murder, but it means everything that justice has been served for George Floyd. Let this send a clear message both in the USA and across the world: black lives matter.’ 

Jurors deliberated for nearly 10 hours over two days before finding former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.