Another solicitor has fallen foul of conduct rules after behaving inappropriately at a Christmas party. Simon Paul Glazebrook, formerly a director and solicitor at Leeds firm Progeny Private Law, has been rebuked by the SRA.

A disciplinary notice published today states that Glazebrook was intoxicated last December when he behaved in an 'inappropriate, physical manner' towards a female employee. The firm investigated the matter and he offered an apology to her for his actions at the party.

The case is the third occasion this summer that the SRA has taken action over conduct at a pre-Christmas get-together. It rebuked one solicitor for behaving in an inappropriate manner to female colleagues, and rebuked another for punching a female colleague in the face.

Glazebrook resigned on 20 December and the matter was reported to the SRA six weeks later. Following his departure from the firm, it was stated that three additional employees at the firm reported comments made by him which they considered to be inappropriate.

Glazebrook admitted to allegations over his conduct at the party and to his previous comments. He accepted a breach of one SRA principle.

He said he was remorseful and has apologised to the female employee and his colleagues for his behaviour. He has also apologised to former colleagues for offence caused by his comments.

He has sought professional support and has taken, and continues to take, steps to modify his behaviour. He has cooperated fully with the SRA and has a clear regulatory history.

Glazebrook, now with Bradford firm Schofield Sweeney LLP, agreed to the publication of the notice and will also pay £600 costs.