The UK Supreme Court will sit in Cardiff for the first time this summer, it has been announced.

The court will sit in the Ty Hywel building in the National Assembly for hearings from 22 to 25 July, whilst the assembly is in recess.

Lady Hale, president of the Supreme Court, will be joined by deputy president Lord Reed, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Sales and Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd.

The court sat in Scotland in 2017 and Northern Ireland in 2018, hearing cases that were specifically relevant to those nations.

This time the caseload includes a case relevant to the legal profession, Edwards on behalf of the Estate of the late Arthur Watkins (Respondent) v Hugh James Ford Simey Solicitors. Justices will decide to what extent a court should admit evidence obtained after the date the original solicitors’ negligence claim settled, and in what circumstances is the principle of full compensation engaged.

Two other cases concern the factors relevant to granting planning permission for a wind turbine, and the duties owed by a financial institution where a shareholder director has acted fraudulently.

Lady Hale said: 'As we celebrate St David’s Day today, I am delighted to announce that the Supreme Court will sit in Cardiff this summer. This means that we will have sat in all four parts of the United Kingdom.

'We will hear three very interesting cases during this time. This will provide an excellent opportunity for those living locally to come and see the Supreme Court in action and to watch cases of great importance being discussed. As usual, the cases will also be live-streamed so others can still watch too.'