Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…


1. £24,000 damages for Katie Hopkins Twitter libels in ‘serious harm’ test

Media list judge rules that tweets by ‘rent-a-gob’ columnist Katie Hopkins ‘had tendency to cause harm’ to food writer Jack Monroe.

2. Solicitor escapes jail after headbutting LiP inside Rolls Building

Philip Saunders was caught on CCTV causing actual bodily harm to Mohammad Reza Ghadami.

3. Best places to study law revealed

Oxford and Cambridge top the pile in the UK, while London also scores highly.

4. Supreme Court rules in favour of animal charities in ‘reasonable provision’ wills dispute

Ruling emphasises principle that appellate courts cannot start again from scratch; Lady Hale calls for clarification of inheritance law.

5. Nearly 500 law firms targeted by fraudsters in new email scam

SRA warns solicitors to be wary after revealing increasing numbers of reports of attempted cyber-crime.