Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. ‘Breathtakingly rude’: law firm under fire over insolvency threats

High Court judge condemns solicitors’ ‘connivance’ in use of company law to avoid paying a debt.

2. Zoopla search prompts SRA to go back for solicitor’s costs

Enforcement of a costs order against solicitor had been deferred due to his financial circumstances.

3. Widely respected solicitor judge Julie Exton dies at 59

Lord chief justice announces death of former president of Association of Her Majesty’s District Judges.

4. Legal privilege battle heads to Court of Appeal

High Court decision earlier this year in ENRC case was greeted with dismay by both solicitors and The Law Society.

5. Barrister lifts lid on impact of rude and aggressive judges

Mary Aspinall-Miles says some judges ’undermine professional confidence’.