A barrister has been reprimanded by the bar disciplinary tribunal for raising his hand in a Nazi salute towards magistrates following a trial.

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A decision notice published by the Bar Standards Board stated that Thomas David Davidson, called to the bar in July 1973 and a member of Middle Temple, behaved in a way that was likely to diminish trust and confidence which the public placed in him or in the profession.

Davidson had represented a defendant before a three-strong bench at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court. On 7 February 2022, after the trial had concluded, the chairperson ‘raised with him the issue of his having used a German accent during the proceedings and telling him that this conduct had been inappropriate’.

Davidson ‘looked at the bench and said “Jawohl” at the same time as raising a hand in a Nazi salute, which conduct was seriously offensive and discreditable’.

Davidson was reprimanded, fined £250 and ordered to pay £1,750 costs. The decision is within a 21-day period in which an appeal can be made.

According to the barristers' register, Davidson specialises in crime, employment, family, immigration, intellectual property, residential landlord and tenant and personal injury.