In past years Obiter has gone public with an attack of ennui occasioned by breathless releases from law firms seeking to use January’s so-called ‘divorce day’ as a chance to market their advice services. 

Were there no more life-affirming business development opportunities professionals could choose? Turns out there is – and it’s tomorrow. Lovely.

‘Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air,’ trills Ipswich-based solicitors Prettys. ‘It’s a time for romance and for optimism, as couples explore new possibilities and look to take their relationships to the next level.’

(‘Romance not dead,’ our East of England reporter yells down the phone, ‘repeat – not dead!’)

Prettys continues: ‘Countless other couples will no doubt take inspiration from the most romantic day of the year by moving in together for the first time. But should you think carefully before taking the plunge?’

It turns out you should. ‘Georgina Rayment, head of family law at Ipswich-based lawyers Prettys, believes your head should play as big a role as your heart when you commit to a partner and says that a cohabitation agreement – the equivalent of a “pre-nup” for the unmarried – can offer protection for those swept up in romance.’

Wise words, but there is more – and it’s not just lawyers who are, erm, at it. Property agents Benham and Reeves is hoping to help on a few completions of their own. ‘Properties completing on Valentine’s Day sell for 8% more,’ the agents’ own research has shown.If anyone is in need of a bit of love this Valentine’s Day it’s the UK property market having been ghosted, neglected and avoided by buyers and sellers for the best part of the last three years,’ yet the day has bucked trends for three years now, meaning: ‘The property market has been spreading the love to those completing on Valentine’s Day.’

Unless you are the buyer, Obiter notices, in which case waiting till unromantic old Monday would have saved you several thousand pounds. But what price love?