It’s been a fair while since Obiter has been invited into the inner sanctum of a City law firm, so we’re not sure what the latest perks should be. 

But we were certainly impressed with the plush surroundings of the new Shoosmiths office near St Paul’s in London, which opened in August and has people keen to ditch the WFH and come into town. 

The basement is fitted out with comfy sofas, a pool table and a fully stocked bar - although we are told this tends to be where evening functions are held rather than morning conferences. 

Cafes on each floor serve fancy coffees and fridges are stocked with San Pellegrino (orange and lemon varieties). Three balconies on different floors offer views over London. 

What we were really interested in, however, were the jars of sweets complete with scoops and little pink and white bags. Were they for show (as we suspect the pasta jar was)? Apparently not - the jars are restocked on a regular basis and staff take their chance to fill up on cola bottles and jelly babies. 

At a time when firms are throwing money around like confetti at newly-qualified lawyers, it’s a timely reminder that the little things matter too. We hope Shoosmiths will also be funding the inevitable dentistry bills.