With mandatory price publication coming in next week, it’s probably a good thing that the Solicitors Regulation Authority has indicated it won’t come down too heavily at first on lawyers who struggle to get to grips with the new transparency rules.

Candidates on The Apprentice – who include solicitor Sarah Ann Magson – got into a horrible muddle this week when they were tasked with presenting on and directing a TV shopping channel.

It was excruciating viewing as candidates tried their best to look and sound enthusiastic about products while simultaneously getting to grips with ‘price drops’ in an attempt to secure sales. 

Luckily for the legal profession (and future clients who want a steer on prices) Magson was on the winning team again. An advertising pitch for a scrubbing brush, delivered at a frightening pace, is probably best forgotten however.

She’s quietly marching her way into contention - but with Lord Sugar on the warpath as he seeks to cement his final five next week, she could face a struggle.