As we hit week seven of lockdown, art lovers are running out of options for feeding their addiction. They’ve taken a virtual tour of the Uffizi, looked through the online Courtauld collection again, and are on the verge of RSI from clicking on the Guggenheim’s gallery views.

Who could save art-loving lawyers from the consequent ennui? Enter the Law Society Art Group, whose members have agreed to share photographs and scans of their favourite pieces with Gazette readers.

We start with an oil by group chair Pey Kan Su. For readers familiar with the heart of legal London, Obiter hopes this is a little like seeing an old friend. Pey Kan says: ‘This is a view of Lincoln’s Inn drawn from a window of the first floor of 2 Stone Buildings.’ While it was painted several years ago, from the inside looking out, and does not feature any people (it was done on a Sunday), ‘Stone Buildings in Lincoln’s Inn’ seemed a good first piece to share. It was even completed despite the sort of supply limitations we’re all now familiar with. ‘I had to do a mental colour transposition,’ Pey Kan recalls, ‘as the white paint was missing from my colour palette.’

To join the Law Society Art Group, contact Hazel Bate