Mark Finburgh sets a musical tone for this week’s reminiscence of early days in a legal career: ‘For the first few years as an articled clerk I was paid nothing. This was in the late 1950s. In fact my father paid a premium to get my articles.


‘I supplemented my income (or lack of it) by taking a night job playing trombone in a jazz band. This took a lot of my time, much to my father’s dismay, but was a nice little earner. I loved it. I finally gave it up a couple of years after qualifying. For a time I was also a Saturday salesman in a gents’ outfitters.’

‘I recently found the old trombone in the loft. Now I’m retired I’m thinking of taking another night job in a band to supplement my pension. Maybe even back to the gents’ outfitters!’

Obiter once heard that the definition of a gentleman is a chap who can play the trombone but doesn’t, but will definitely go along to any gigs. Keep the memories coming – they can be from any decade.