ITV’s three-part drama Quiz, based on the cheating scandal that rocked popular Saturday night game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? nearly two decades ago, aired last week and received rave reviews. Its portrayal of lawyers? Not so much.

The series begins with Major Charles Ingram and his wife Diana arriving at London’s Southwark Crown Court and entering a packed courtroom, where the Crown begins opening submissions.

Family solicitor Jon Armstrong tweeted: ‘I really want to watch this, but is it going to be chock full of legal inaccuracies that make me grind my teeth? Why is the barrister wandering around the court like they do in Hollywood movies?’

A few in-house lawyers will have raised an eyebrow when ‘Lionel from Legal’ appeared in the second episode during a tense meeting at ITV HQ. Asked if it’s a police matter, Lionel says: ‘Well it’s not… not.’ Asked if it’s a crime to cheat on a gameshow: ‘Well, it’s… it’s… well…’

‘Stop saying “well” Lionel’, ITV’s director of programmes interrupted, clearly annoyed. ‘I’m from Legal, it’s my job to say “Well”,’ replies Lionel.

Well… that may be news to the in-house lawyers who make up a large chunk of the profession.