Obiter is quick enough to find fault with the Solicitors Regulation Authority – and the organisation is a generous benefactor in this pursuit. So it is only fair to report when the regulator gets something right. And not just that, gets something so right that an external assessor with a fondness for management speak is positively blown away. 

The visitor, from the Institute of Customer Service, dropped into the Cube in December to take a look at the SRA’s call centre. The report was glowing, with the assessor noting that the SRA showed ‘commitment to achieving a real culture shift, one that created true engagement from their people’. 

This was reflected in the action plans – ‘not just the fact that they are “live” and regularly updated, but also how on the mark they are’. Obiter is fairly certain this is good news. 

Our favourite bit of feedback was the assessor being impressed at the ‘level of honesty and openness with which the leadership team started the journey’. In other words the SRA will tell callers straight away whether they’re wasting their time.