Obiter’s request for captions to the picture of justice secretary Chris Grayling receiving an award from commons speaker John Bercow prompted some wicked (and frankly unprintable) suggestions. For some reason, most of you seemed to find something amusing in the disparity in the two legislator’s heights.

In a nod to the classic Frost Report sketch, John McLachlan of Hine Downing Solicitors has Grayling saying ‘I am upper class…’ and Bercow ‘I know my place…’. David Chambers of Nottingham adds the topical twist ‘I love to see natural shrinkage’.

Colm Nugent of barristers Hardwicke suggests: ‘You’ll no doubt be pleased to learn, minister, that this trophy is 30% smaller than last year and was the cheapest in the market.’

But the loudest guffaw went to the suggestion that Bercow and Grayling are simultaneously saying: ‘You appear to have found yourself in a bit of a hole.’ Congratulations Bob Miller, associate at Fentons Solicitors. A bottle of something fizzy is on its way.