Some years ago the Gazette kindly printed a letter from me about Centre 70, which provides free advice on housing, benefits, debt and other issues, serving a wide area of south London. As a result we recruited someone to join our team of volunteer lawyers who provide free legal advice on Monday evenings.

If you are a lawyer for whom Centre 70 is convenient to reach and you feel you could help in the provision of advice (especially given the reduction in legal aid), we are looking for volunteer lawyers. We also wish to recruit lawyers as additional trustees. Please see and, if you can help, email us at or contact me at

If Centre 70 is not local, do not stop reading, as there are other (albeit too few) legal advice centres needing help. You can enquire about them at, for example, LawWorks and Advice UK. And if there is no such facility convenient for you, you might even consider how you could help set one up.

Martin Beard, Dawson Cornwell, London, WC1