Obiter welcomes news this morning that car insurance costs have come down £13 on average since last year. We promise not to spend it all at once.

But did have a dilemma when it came to explaining the decrease? After all, insurers reporting favourably on the status quo would hardly lend support to the campaign for more reform of the personal injury sector.

The solution? Simply attribute the variation to what the landscape will look like after the reforms come into force.

Despite the Civil Liability Bill not being implemented until next April, Confused’s head of data insight Steve Fletcher said benevolent insurers ‘feel confident in calming their premiums’. Goodness knows how they will feel once they actually achieve reform of the market.

Aside from analysis of the market, Confused also faced another problem: lower prices surely means people need to do less shopping around and - this is where it gets awkward - less scouting of comparison sites?

Alas not. Fletcher’s colleague Amanda Stretton told the BBC: ‘It is clear that many motorists are not seeing these savings reflected in their renewal letters, so it is more important than ever to shop around if they want to get a better deal.’