Perhaps with an eye to the Contempt of Court Act, Gazette readers avoided the temptation to suggest the paraphernalia of male impersonation as an exhibit they would like to see in the ‘black museum’ of crime. Nonetheless, along with the fairly predictable – ‘the drill used in the Hatton Garden diamond heist’ (Soala Orupabo) came some distinctly off-the-wall suggestions.

Paul Lonergan was on fairly safe ground with: ‘Chris Grayling’s ceremonial gowns as lord chancellor.’ Mike Chapman echoed the sartorial theme with ‘Flared trousers: they were a crime by any standard.’ Mark Turnbull offered a list: ‘Exhibit 1 – The Sun. Exhibit 2 – The News of the World. Exhibit 3 – Er, that’s it.’ In such a wide open field, the judges had to resort to Obiter’s black hat. Soala, Paul and Mike all win pairs of tickets to the Crime Museum Uncovered exhibition at the Museum of London.