1 May 2008

Memory lane portrait

Firms told to shape up for stock market

Several well-known law firms are already poised to float on the stock market as soon as internal investment becomes available, a top industry insider claimed this week. However, the Law Society Law Management Section conference heard that firms needed to make significant organisational changes before they would be attractive to investors.

29 April 1998

Straw attacks crime lawyers

Home secretary Jack Straw this week accused criminal solicitors of dragging out cases ‘to ensure their legal aid fees are the highest’ and of contributing to an ‘adjournment culture’. Questioning whether the public was getting value for money from legal aid, he alleged that some solicitors used green forms ‘for ludicrous purposes’.

3 May 1978

The Chinese connection

There are no lawyers in China. The Chinese take it as a mark of progress that during the ‘let a thousand flowers bloom’ period of the late 1950s, the one flower that was not afforded this indulgence was the legal profession, which was abolished in 1958.

May 1908

Lloyd George

Lloyd George

Legal appointments and honours

The Right Hon. David Lloyd-George was on the 16th ult. sworn Chancellor of the Exchequer in Mr Asquith’s ministry. Mr Lloyd-George was admitted in 1884 and is a member of the firm of Lloyd-George, Roberts & Co, London, and Lloyd-George & George, of Criccieth, Portmadoc, Pwllheli and Barmouth.