As it’s apparently National Pet Day, what better way to mark the occasion than highlighting a firm for whom every day is pet day.

Carlisle practice Wragg Mark-Bell has started to allow staff to bring their dogs to work in a bid to create a more relaxed environment and improve the work-life balance.

The well-trained canines are now a regular feature of the office, where the 19 staff members have 17 dogs between them (thankfully not all come in on the same day). Those without a dog can offer to take one for a walk at lunchtime through the historic city and past the cathedral sitting opposite.

Nick Kennon, operations director, explained it started when he had to bring his own two dogs into the office out of necessity. Their positive effect around the place was immediately evident, and since then others have followed suit.

Kennon added: ‘So we don’t risk tripping over them we self-manage to try to have no more than four dogs in at any one time. Apart from the lull between Xmas and New Year when I think we were on about eight on one day!’