The merry-go-round of lords chancellor has seen incumbents come in and out with the regularity of an England batting line-up.

The situation is such that justice committee chair Bob Neill pondered last week whether this position is now just a step ‘along the career chain’.

Current title-holder David Gauke was tasked with the challenge of insisting that the prime minister still regards it as a sacred role. With tongue in cheek, he pointed out he had already lasted seven weeks so must be doing something right.

And for evidence of the significance of the lord chancellor, look no further than Mrs Gauke senior. Her son told the committee: ‘The test my mother has on these things, as a member of the public, is “where do you sit on the cabinet photo”? [I am] on the front row, apparently.’

So reverence for this great institution lives on – at least among members of the present incumbent’s family.