For most readers, the New Year begins with a sore head, a paracetamol and a lie in. But spare a thought for Obiter and our newsdesk colleagues, who take time out to navigate the 125-page New Year honours list to see which lawyers made the grade.

Keyword searches, namely ‘law’, ‘solicitor’ and ‘legal services’ have spared reporters’ blushes over the years and ensured no clangers have been dropped. There are of course names to look out for, but there will always be some that we don’t get to – namely those recognised for their good works away from their day jobs.  

Luckily, and almost without fail, we can rely on eagle-eyed readers informing us of their double life (often with a hint of incredulity that they could possibly have slipped through the net).

And for those who we missed on the day, we apologise.

How could we possibly have not been aware that Joe Bloggs from Worksop, awarded an MBE for his charitable endeavours, was a practising solicitor for many years? And what about the tireless Guildford-based community campaigner, rightfully made a CBE? She is also a conveyancer, of course!

We think we now have a complete list (see page 3) but if we have missed any honoured solicitors, please let us know so we can put their name in lights.