Obiter had been worried that litigators and expert witnesses weren’t having enough fun these days. Reassuring, then, to find that inventive playfulness is alive and kicking for those involved in the financial services litigation over allegedly mis-sold interest-rate hedging products.

One attendee at last week’s Gazette roundtable confessed: ‘We have a little challenge in our office where I show a colleague a bank presentation with the bank’s name removed, and they have to guess the bank’. It turns out that that the game is something of an under-the-radar cult hit: other attendees revealed variations where players must guess the year of the bank document, or even a bonus point for correctly identifying the bank salesperson by the phrases they’ve used.

Surely it would take only a few tweaks for Waddingtons to have something ready for Christmas? Obiter is thinking of some kind of board game where players purchase unwanted little plastic hedges, try to avoid landing on investment banks, and win by amassing part 36 offers.

Something like that, anyway.