It was a different world.

The wafer-thin December 1948 edition of the Law Society’s Gazette found one-sixth of a page to reproduce in full the letter sent ‘on behalf of the solicitors’ branch of the legal profession in England and Wales’ by T.G. Lund, secretary to the Law Society, to Mr John Colville, private secretary to HRH the Princess Elizabeth, congratulating her and the Duke of Edinburgh on the birth of their son.

There was also space to reproduce the telegram in reply: ‘We are most grateful for your kind message of congratulations. Elizabeth and Philip.’

A generation on, the 30 June 1982 edition marked the birth of an heir to the throne with… a supplement on the topic of office automation. (The hot issue was whether screen-based systems would supplant the ‘automatic typewriter’.)

Obiter predicts that the Gazette’s coverage of the birth of the latest royal heir will fall between those extremes, but you’ll have to wait until Monday to find out.