Kapow! US investment analyst Gotham City Research has claimed another victim following its assault on the share price of Stock Exchange-listed legal services entity Quindell. Spanish internet company Gowex last week filed for bankruptcy after Gotham – which admits ‘shorting’ shares to benefit from price drops – published a critical report.

For its part, Quindell vigorously denies the bear raider’s criticism, and has promised legal action.

Little is known about the people behind Gotham City, although a quick look at its Twitter account shows signs of a higher power at work. It follows only three accounts: the founder of a Presbyterian Church, the leader of the Orthodox Christian Church and the Pope. And another curiosity has emerged.

A look at the graph of Quindell’s share price after Gotham’s intervention shows an undeniable likeness to the Batman logo.

A clue to Gotham City’s methodology? Pow!