The theme at this week’s Association of Personal Injury Lawyers conference has been fairness to injured people, a laudable aim for sure.

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Quite how fair it was to delegates to schedule Lord Justice Jackson’s keynote speech for 9.30am, seven hours after the bar had closed the night before, is open to question.

Certainly there were more than a couple bleary-eyed solicitors from one London firm who had been spotted downing Jagerbombs at 2am.

No such chance of Jackson lacking freshness for his speech. The appeal court judge was in fine form as he spoke for 20 minutes, stepping past the microphone to address the cavernous conference room without an aid.

There can be no doubting his commitment to the cause, even if some delegates may not entirely agree with his assertion that costs budgeting is working well.

While delegates dined on Thursday evening, Jackson joined one table before taking out a notebook to record their opinions on fixed costs. The fact-finding never ends, it would seem.