Obiter’s invitation for photos of the most picturesque legal premises has attracted a wide range of early responses.

We were particularly struck by the symmetrical classical lines of the home of Kent firm Knocker & Foskett Solicitors. The Red House, at the top of Sevenoaks High Street, has a distinguished history, Finian Davern, associate and notary public, tells us. ’It’s Grade II* listed, and dates back to 1686. It belonged to Francis Austen, great uncle of novelist Jane, who visited on holiday as a child.’ The Red House periodically receives organised group tours from Jane Austen fans.

A rather different submission was an aerial photo of Government Communications Headquarters' doughnut edifice, completed in 2003. 'Our HQ in Cheltenham is a sight to behold and the work of our legal team is key in our mission to help protect the UK,' says '@GCHQ'.

Yes certainly - and we bet the cyber-spooks are not the only in-house lawyers to work from an imposing setting. Please send your photos to