Doing anything on Thursday night? Justice campaigners will be holding a vigil in London on 16 May to ‘shine a light on justice’ and demand a moratorium on court closures. According to the Justice Alliance poster, a ‘guerrilla projectionist’ (whoever or whatever that is) known as Feral X will project ‘Selling Off Our Silver’ on to the scaffolding and hoardings surrounding the closed Bloomsbury County Court in London.

Obiter is used to attending evening events but was surprised by the 9.15pm start. Perhaps organisers accounted for the early evenings being too bright thanks to British Summer Time, which would ruin the vigil’s visual impact. Or they just figured those outraged by ongoing court closures are used to working late.

Or maybe we’re being offered a glimpse of working life under Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service’s proposed flexible operating hours regime – hanging outside a court building late at night looking mightily peeved because we’d rather be at home watching the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest.