McDonald’s may have closed its drive-thru (sic) restaurants for the duration of the pandemic, but a north-east law firm has decided now is the perfect time to open up a roadside facility.

Latimer Hinks Solicitors in Darlington has introduced a kerbside will-signing service to meet a surge in probate demand. Clients simply pull up in front of the firm’s office – armed with their own pens and something to lean on – and are handed the relevant documents through the car window. Two solicitors wearing gloves and brandishing antibacterial wipes then witness the execution of the will from the kerb.

Jennifer Quayle, a solicitor at Latimer Hinks and the first to operate the drive-thru, said: ‘We have the space in front of the building and, taking advantage of the low levels of traffic, we decided to be creative and take the office outside. Our clients have responded very well to it, even if it is a little bit strange at first.’

Changes to the rules around witnessing wills are thought to be on the horizon, with many solicitors pushing for the legalisation of electronic signatures. However, Obiter hopes this innovative drive-thru will stick around - at least until McDonald’s is back in business.