The perfect English murder, George Orwell unhelpfully wrote, should be committed by ‘a little man of the professional class… a solicitor, say’. Hmmm.

As an assumption, fingering the nearest solicitor doesn’t ‘sing to’ Obiter. A more open mind is hoped for at an event held later today by miscarriage of justice crusaders Inside Justice, who have set up a murder scene at BPP Law School, Waterloo, complete with a blood splatter expert. The audience is encouraged to help the experts look beyond the clues to find the evidence before coming to their own view who committed the crime.

The scenario? Well, as revealed to Obiter: ‘A woman has been found murdered in her own home. A door has been forced and fibres are found snagged on the broken pane. There are two different areas of blood on the walls, some spattering and smearing. There are two suspects: a man spotted by a vigilant neighbour of the victim and the victim’s husband who has blood on him which, he says, can be explained by his discovery of his wife’s body. A shoe mark is found and fingerprint evidence will be useful to the investigation.’

The event is run twice, at 2pm and 7pm. Obiter’s tip – look for a non-solicitor with fingers and a shoe.

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