You would have thought Craig Holt, the mastermind behind the QualitySolicitors brand, would have enough on his plate keeping his 250-plus flock of branches in check. But apparently the pioneering brand whizzkid has time for a little covert calling as well.

Holt and QS have been rather quiet in recent months, barely appearing in public and with the QS media centre putting out only three press releases all year.

But he was back for the Reinvent Law conference in London earlier this month – and revealed during his speech that his staff are regularly calling rival firms with fake legal problems and recording their discussions. Holt even played one such recording as part of his presentation, unsurprisingly picking the best ‘computer says no’ receptionist who seemed unsure about her firm’s price structure.

It’s fair to say the conference was not one for the traditionalists.

One contributor assured delegates that future lawyers will boast a computer science rather than a law degree, to an audible collection of gasps from law graduates.

Another ‘speaker’ chose to promote his UrLaw app through robotic interpretive dance, miming to the sounds of Watch the Throne by Kanye West and Jay-Z (pictured).

Six minutes have never passed by more slowly, Obiter can report.