Obiter has often been told that watching too much TV is bad for our health, but latest law firm research suggests it has played a surprisingly large role in keeping the legal profession nice and healthy.

According to personal injury firm Fletchers Solicitors’ ‘careers on the box’ research, TV has dictated the choice of nearly one in five people’s jobs.

So one can only assume TV shows have helped inspire generations of solicitor entrants given the research shows that more than a third love law shows. The legal profession is the most commonly depicted in TV shows in the past few decades, ahead of the police, doctors, journalists, teachers and, er, scientists.

Law and Order (we’re not sure if the research refers to the US or UK version) and Judge Rinder were favourites.

Law and Order’s Jack McCoy, a district attorney played by Sam Waterston, tops the list of top 10 ‘justice-seekers’. Judge Rinder and Judge John Deed come second and third respectively. Also in the top 10 are Rumpole of the Bailey (6th) and Perry Mason (7th).

However, Obiter is clearly not up to date with the latest hit law shows. We had to look up who eighth-placed Rachel Zane was. A quick web search reveals she is a paralegal from US show Suits.

Did a TV character inspire you to pursue a career in the law? Who were your favourite TV lawyers? Email