Legal Aid Agency report features biodiversity initiative Big Garden Bird Watch.

Obiter is always on the lookout for the latest gossip at the Legal Aid Agency, so got rather excited when its latest annual report and accounts appeared under ‘Latest from the Legal Aid Agency’ last week.

Embarrassingly, we got as far as page 36 of the juicy-looking corporate report before realising some of the findings seemed eerily familiar. It turned out the report was published in June - the ‘latest’ was the addition of a Welsh language version.

Quite right and proper, no doubt, but a bit late. However it is amazing what you spot when you read a 102-page report for the second time. For instance, we had forgotten that LAA staff participate in biodiversity initiatives such as Big Garden Bird Watch.

Obiter was in its neighbourhood last week, which, because of its proximity to St James’s Park, experiences quite the diversity of avian life. We look forward to sightings in Petty France of the great tit, masked booby, kori bustard and common shag.