Here’s an unmissable opportunity for one of those fat-cat human rights lawyers Obiter is always reading about in the cheaper papers. A genuine piece of legal history, Magna Carta Island, is for sale: asking price just £3,950,000.

According to UK Sotheby’s International Realty, the beautiful 3.72 acre island in the Thames was where ‘King John, with the protection of a circle of walnut trees and the gentle curve of the river which would keep enemy long bows out of range’ is believed to have signed the Magna Carta. The property includes a ‘Grade II-listed house with an open aspect across the expansive lawn’ and an outdoor swimming pool.

These days £4m will just about buy a terraced house in West London, so what’s the snag? Apparently the property is ‘in need of modernisation’ and ‘has considerable charm’.