Brand management is all the rage with law firms, but clumsy attempts to protect the image can sometimes backfire.

Just ask New Zealand outfit Simpson Grierson, which probably went too far in trying to recently portray the wholesome nature of the firm.

The firm had posted a photo on social media featuring its 2018 graduates and celebrating their admission to the bar.

The picture looked odd mainly because several of the people appeared to be clasping thin air, with their hands dangling awkwardly in front of them.

It transpired that a member of the marketing team had photoshopped out champagne glasses held by members of the team which had been given to them to toast the event. Kiwi publication Newsroom reports that brand managers removed the glasses because of the risk of the media ‘misconstruing things and making it look like it’s all about them having a drink at work’.

The resulting image, and the negative publicity which has come from it, suggests it might have been better simply to leave the drinks in the photo.