Gazette 15 July 2010

Small firms will be ‘resilient’ in the face of ABSs

Small law firms are likely to be ‘resilient’ to the impact of alternative business structures, research commissioned by the Law Society has suggested. The research found that existing ‘commodity’ legal providers, such as bulk conveyancing firms, could find it hard to compete with an ABS built on a trusted brand.

13 July 2000

OSS backlog drops – but so does quality

The Office for the Supervision of Solicitors is sacrificing quality for quantity in its handling of complaints, the Legal Services Ombudsman has warned. In her annual report, Ann Abraham said she was satisfied with the OSS’s handling of 59% of the complaints referred to her, an all-time low.

11 July 1990

Electronic search pilot

Sixteen firms of solicitors in Lancaster and Morecambe are to take part in a pilot scheme which will allow local searches to be requested and received by computer network link-up with the local authority in Lancaster. The project will also involve an electronic mail link between the firms.

July 1970

The Queen’s Speech

An Industrial Relations Bill, a Commonwealth Immigrants Bill, the abolition of the Land Commission, a revision of taxation, law and order legislation and the reform of the administration of justice are all to be expected in the early life of this parliament.

July 1940

Defence (Administration of Justice) Regulations 1940

By these regulations, dated 19th June, 1940, various powers are conferred which would enable Assizes, Quarter Sessions and courts of summary jurisdiction to be held at places other than those at which they are normally held if this were thought expedient having regard to hostile operations in Great Britain. Special provision is made for supplying any deficiency of jurors and no person indicted for treason or felony may have any right of peremptory challenge of jurors.