Law Society Gazette 15 October 2009

Legal aid crossroads?

The MoJ’s surprise announcement on Tuesday of a wide-ranging review of legal aid delivery must be interpreted as an implicit acknowledgement that the existing system is not fit for purpose. Many solicitors have been saying as much for as long as most of us can remember. 

13 October 1999

Solicitors welcome seller’s pack

Solicitors have welcomed government plans to introduce a compulsory seller’s pack to speed up conveyancing. Housing minister Nick Raynsford estimated that the pack would cost £400 to £500 and could cut down the period between agreement and exchange of contracts to around two weeks.  

19 October 1989

Audience rights

The Law Society has urged the government to reconsider the framework proposed for the extension of rights of audience in order to avoid a stalemate situation at the point where the judges are asked to approve its draft rules. The latest calls follow a speech by the lord chancellor, Lord Mackay, in which he reiterated the government’s commitment to extended rights of audience.  

17 October 1979

People’s Republic of China – joint ventures

The promulgation of China’s new law controlling foreign investment [features] in the plans for the modernisation of the country’s economy. It represents a revolutionary change in the attitude hitherto adopted in trade relations with foreigners.  

October 1969

Race Relations Act

The council wish to direct the attention of solicitors to the effect of the Race Relations Act 1968 upon the wording of advertisements or notices. In order to avoid ambiguity which might cause a complaint to be made to the Race Relations Board that there has been an act of discrimination, care should be taken to avoid the use of adjectives or descriptions which are capable of bearing a national or racial connotation.